Poetry Reading at Latse Library, New York City on April 10

Ngondro Shag-gya part 3, Vajrasattva practice, beginning Feb. 20
During the Vajrasattva practice, if possible, you can do prostrations while reciting the 100 syllable mantra. As it says in the text in our Ngondro Shag-gya readings, practicing with the Four Powers is the most important. Also between the Sangha members, family members and friends, apologizing for any wrong doings is very important. If you do something wrong then apologize and promise not to do this any more, you need these both. In this practice, during these 25 days, try to always visualize that Vajrasattva is with you and inseparable from your Guru, 24 hours a day. If you have old habits of thinking in ways that are different from Mahayana practice, then try to lessen these habits of thinking. For example, if gossiping is your habit, then be aware of doing less gossip. If you really like eating meat, or if you like drinking alcohol, then try to eat less meat or drink less alcohol. The same for any kinds of negative habits.


Tibetan Tantric Musical Instruments

Oral transmission of Tibetan Book of the Dead


Red Vajrasattva Empowerment


Red Vajrasattva Fire Puja


May all beings be born with love and compassion.

May all beings abide with love and compassion.

May all beings act with love and compassion.

May all beings die with love and compassion.

- Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche