Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche is a Dzogchen master and the reincarnation of Dzogchen Gyaltsab Thodo Rinpoche. He was recognized as a Tulku by H.H. Dalai Lama’s Nyingmapa teacher Kyabje Trulshig Rinpoche and has received teachings from thirty-five masters representing all five schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He has published ten books about philosophy, life, nature, peace, and magic. He is the founder of Tibetan Zen and has given Buddhist teachings in many places around the world. His book, Handbook for Half-Buddhas, will be published soon, and his autobiography, A Modern Liberation Odyssey, is available now as are three CD’s: Tibetan Chod, Ocean of Dharma Melody, and Ocean of Mantras. He continues to write novels and poetry for mind training in Tibetan. Tulku Yeshi also bestows empowerments, provides Tibetan astrology readings, and advises people on how to enjoy life.